New Deal/WPA Art in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

This Post Office mural was funded by the Section of Fine Arts under the Treasury Department and not the WPA.

Bridgeville, PA Post Office
"Smelting" - fresco
Walter Carnelli (1941)

Images courtesy of the USPS

The mural was destroyed in the 1965 remodeling of the building. Pictures were taken before the destruction, but are by now probably lost for eternity. Of some interest, however, is the fact that apparently there were efforts to preserve the mural by altering the construction plans. Although the contractor was ordered to stop work on that section of the lobby until a solution was found, in the end the wall featuring the mural was demolished. - information courtesy of Erin Clay, Fine Arts Program, GSA

There is an article in the Nov/Dec 2005 Issue of the
American Postal Workers Union Magazine concerning
New Deal Art. The photo of the Bridgeville
mural was included in this article.

Photograph and information contributed by Dana H. Spriggs

Reference Source:
Democratic Vistas: Post Offices and Public Art in the New Deal
by Marlene Park & Gerald E. Markowitz

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