New Deal/WPA Art in Berkeley, California

In the Berkeley branch of the U.S. Post Office, there are two examples of Treasury Section art. The first is on the porch at 2000 Allston Way, Berkeley. It is a limestone relief sculpture done by David Slivka in December 1937.

Inside the lobby there is a mural tempera and oil on canvas mural entitled "Incidents in California History". This mural was painted by Suzanne Scheur in 1936-37.
There is also a building on the University of California-Berkeley campus that has a fabulous mural series composed of mosaic tiles. On the exterior wall of the UC campus office supplies building (formerly the Old Powerhouse) there still exists an untitled set of two murals, each measuring 18' x 10' done by Helen Bruton in 1936-37.

This building is a brick structure located just east of Sather Gate along Strawberry Creek. It is hidden from the general traffic but well worth the effort to find it! for additional information about the Old Powerhouse murals, read Steven Finacom's report.

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