New Deal/WPA Art in Fullerton, California

PWAP commission mural - Fullerton, CA High School
"Pastoral California" by Charles Kassler (1934), fresco
On the west wall of the Plummer Auditorium
Photograph taken by Dorothea Lange, May 1937
From the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division,
FSA-OWI Collection, LC-USF34- 016509-E

Plummer Auditorium, 201 E. Chapman, Fullerton, CA was constructed in 1930 at a cost of $295,500. On the west side of the building (arched arcade) is a 75-foot long, 15-foot high mural entitled "Pastoral California," by W.P.A. artist Charles Kassler. In 1995, the building was rehabilitiated to meet seismic safety requirements. In 1997, the Kassler fresco was restored by ConservArt Associates, Inc., having been covered by paint for 56 years.

From the City of Fullerton website:
"A quick survey of Downtown Fullerton reveals there are more than 60 mural in the area. Most of us are familiar with the WPA murals found at the Fullerton Police Department, the Main Post Office and Plummer Auditorium, as well as the Norman Rockwell murals at Ross Publications. However, there is also a growing collection of lesser known works to discover while visiting the Downtown's many shops, eateries, businesses and entertainment venues."

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