US Post Office
476 E. Main Street
Galesburg, Illinois

The post office in Galeburg, Illinois has a fabulous oil on canvas mural that stretches across the width of the lobby.

It was done by Aaron Bohrod and is entitled "Breaking the Prairie - Log City 1837".

Apparently Galesburg, IL was a planned community, established in 1837 by Presbyterian minister George Washington Gale who lead his parishioners from Oneida, NY.

The purpose of their colonization of the prairie was to bring religion and education to the frontier.

When they first arrived in Galesburg, these 50 families built a temporary town, "Log City" in which they lived as they built their permanent homes and an early version of Knox College.

There are many interesting architectural features found in the Galesburg P.O. building

photographs copyright 2001 Nancy Lorance

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