New Deal/WPA Art in Inglewood, California

Congratulations! The "History of Transportation" mural has been restored. The City of Inglewood re-dedicated the restored transportation mural on Saturday August 11, 2007. The 240 foot mural was painted in 1939 and was visible at the South East corner of Centinela Park at the intersection of Florence and Redondo. The mural traces the history of transportation in the area up to 1939. The mural has gone through extensive restoration and now sits in the park area of Grevilla Ave. directly across from Inglewood High School where the dedication took place. information courtesy of Norman Drexel

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Listing with Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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Webpage: "Restoration of the "History of Transportation" by Helen Lundeberg

The History of Transportation Mural by Helen Lundeberg
"A special project, the restoration and relocation of the “History of Transportation” mosaic mural is underway. This Mural is a cultural and historic public arts treasure listed on the California Register of Historical Resources. It was created as a Works Project Administration (WPA) Arts project, completed in 1940 and designed by a noted California artist, Helen Lundeberg. Despite extensive damage, it will be fully restored and relocated to a new Art Park located at Manchester Blvd and Grevillea Avenue." from the City of Inglewood Bulletin, September 24, 2004

Facts about the mural
The mural is 8 feet high and 240 feet long.
It is composed of cast concrete and terrazzo paneled walls and is one of the last examples of petrachrome mosaic art.
It was completed in 1939 and dedicated in 1940.
The mural was funded by the WPA.
The restored mural will be re-installed in the Greville Art Park, Inglewood, CA in the Fall, 2005.

These Post Office murals were funded by the Section of Fine Arts under the Treasury Department and not the WPA.

Inglewood, CA Post Office
"Centinella Springs" - mahogany relief
Archibald Garner (1937)

Inglewood, CA Post Office
"Ram and Lion" - plaster facade
(funded by TRAP)
Gordon Newell and Sherry Peticolas (1937)

Inglewood, CA Post Office
"Buffalo and Bear" - plaster facade
(funded by TRAP)
Gordon Newell and Sherry Peticolas (1937)

Images courtesy of the USPS

Photographs taken by Eva Freeman

Reference Source:
Democratic Vistas: Post Offices and Public Art in the New Deal
by Marlene Park & Gerald E. Markowitz

Thanks to Jimmy Emerson who contributed the photographs

Look for photographs of Post Office exteriors at the Post Mark Collectors Club (PMCC) Post Office photo page:

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