Iron River, Michigan
Post Office

Most of the post office works of art were funded under the Treasury Department's Section commissions. Those works that were created using TRAP funds are so indicated. Although the WPA funded the construction of post office buildings, the artwork was not WPA but was usually produced under the Section or TRAP programs. Unless indicated, these works of art are located in the US Post Office building.

wood carved relief by Milton Horn - "Paul Bunyan Straightening Out the Round River" (1941)
(mural installed
on July 16, 1941)

photo taken by Paul T. Schroeder, Oshkosh, WI
© 2003 Paul T. Schroeder, Oshkosh, WI

Photo taken by John Vacilek, Negaunee, MI
© 2003 John Vacilek, Negaunee, MI

Photos sent compliments of
Paul E. Petosky, "Postmarks from the Past" at:
Postmarks From the Past is dedicated to writing about and preserving Michigan postal history, in particular those post offices which have closed.

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