US Post Office
600 W. Jefferson Street
Morton, Illinois

The post office in Morton, Illinois has wonderful cast stone relief in the lobby. It was done by Charles Umlauf and originally cost $700. The title is "Spirit of Communication". Charles Umlauf was born July 17, 1911 in South Haven, MI. He was also employed by the Treasury Section to do a carved mahogany bas-relief sculpture for the Paulding, OH USPO entitled "Industry" in 1940, as well as several WPA art projects for Lane Tech High School and Cook County Hospital, both in Chicago, IL.

The Morton sculpture was originally installed in 1939 in the Morton USPO building constructed during the Depression. When a new USPO building was erected, the Postmaster in Morton had the sculpture re-installed in the lobby of the new building. Kudos to the Postmaster and the people of Morton for preserving this great (albeit heavy!) piece of art.

photographs copyright 2001 Nancy Lorance

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