"George Rogers Clark with Indians near Herrin"
Herrin, Illinois Post Office
Gustaf Dalstrom - 1940

Unfortunately the Herrin Post Office mural apparently
has been painted over. No image is available.

Herrin, Illinois was the site of the Herrin Massacre, June 22, 1922. At that time, local coal miners were on strike for better working conditions and higher wages. A number of mines in Williamson and nearby counties were closed except for the Lester Strip Mine between Herrin and Crenshaw Crossing. The owner of the Lester Strip Mine hired about 50 non-union laborers from outside the area. On June 21st, an armed clash occurred. Three union men were killed. The battle resumed on June 22nd with the "scab" mine workers finally surrendering to the striking miners. A promise of safe conduct out of the Herrin area was given but on the way to Herrin, the mine superintendent was shot as was the union leader who had given the promise of safe conduct. The "scabs" were told to run for it. Thirteen "scab" workers were immediately killed. By the end of the day, seven other strikebreakers were killed. Over 214 indictments for murder were handed out by a special grand jury. But public feeling was so intense that after a couple of acquittals, all indictments were eventually dismissed.

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