Fannie Louella Long,
Illinois Artist (1898-1956)

Born: September 1, 1898
Died: Sunday, prior to Feb 13, 1956

The following is Ms. Long's obituary dated February 13, 1956:

    Fannie Louella Long, who used "Louella Long" as her professional name, was born into a family of avid Christian Scientists, although she was not a Christian Scientist herself.

    Ms. Long attended the Minnesota School of Art (1918-1919), the Art Student's League (1919-1920), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1924-1926), and the Art Students League (1927-1928).

    These two works by Ms. Long show her power as an artist.

    Augustana College has several of the artist's works in its collection.

Examples of
(Fannie) Louella Long's signature

(photographs and obituary courtesy of Diane Oestreich from Rock Island)

These drawings, about 6" x 9" each, and photograph were originally from the 1916 "Watchtower", the Rock Island High School yearbook.

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